We have decided to sell our cherished web domains. Things have changed for us over the years and we want to move on to other things. Given the nature of these domains, this is a fantastic opportunity to buy a highly significant number of domains (particularly for anyone from Ireland who knows exactly what BANJAX means!)

Domains for sale:

  • banjax.com
  • banjaxed.com
  • banjax.co.uk
  • banjax.ie
  • banjax.org
  • banjax.mobi

Will also include @banjax on Twitter to the highest bidder.

If you wish to know more, ask below in the comments, or email Peter Carvill info@mckeaguemorgan.com.

We are very likely to offer these for sale on a domain selling site in the near future - we will update this page to point to it asap.

Check out (may not appear for a few days):

What does “banjax” and “banjaxed” mean?

[with object] (usually as adjective banjaxedinformal
ruin, incapacitate, or break: the kettle’s banjaxed

1930s: originally Anglo-Irish, of unknown origin